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The New Age of Health Expertise: Doctors, Patients, Caregivers, Researchers, & Citizen Scientists

With the growing popularity of communities like Quantified Self and Society of Participatory Medicine, the term “citizen scientist” gets thrown around with increasing frequency among the technology elite in Silicon Valley. There is the rise of the new health expert. Not your doctor or your certified professional of choice, nor the professional scientist, but rather, the self-experimenter, the citizen scientist.

Have you ever wondered...

Since when has the practice and application of science been reserved to only a few highly educated individuals?

Science is not reserved for the Ivory Tower of medical priesthood, but rather, available to anyone of any age, with or without credential, who is willing and open to making observations, forming an informed hypothesis, and then testing it with rigor. Rigorous data collection and number crunching is not reserved for professionals.

But that doesn’t mean the expertise of some certified clinicians is helpful in the process of accelerating treatment. In fact, I would not have been able to come to the solutions I have without the help, research, and clinical experiences of Dr. Shames, Dr. John Lee, Dr. Broda Barnes, Dr. Michael Lam, Chris Kresser LAc., Ray Peat, PhD, and countless other credentialed professionals.

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