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Sound Familiar? The Spiral of Despair

At first you deny there is a problem.

You're fine, you've just had a long week, or work is just stressful this week, or you were out in the sun for too long over the weekend.

But soon enough, you're confused and a little afraid that the problem persists.

You're watching your body fall apart, day after day, until you don't recognize yourself anymore when you look into the mirror.

Something has to change, but you don't know where to start.

So you go to the doctor. maybe indent it out to just one sentence per line to make it more in your face and serious.

When you go to the doctor, the doctor denies there is any problem. "Your lab tests look fine. It's all in your head". You come home angry at the doctor that s/he just won't listen and take your seriously. Or you get referred to another specialist, who refers you to another specialist, and nobody is taking full responsibility for your health condition. Nobody understands the condition you have, and you're starting to feel worse. You want to get an answer on this soon!

After trying some different doctors, you finally find an understanding onedoctor. Thank Mother Nature! They get you tested for some things, you go to the lab several more times for more testing, you even urinate into a plastic can for 1 week and mail a box of excrement to the lab, but they don't find any obvious problems. Everything came out normal, except for a few things that are slightly out of range, but your doctor says it's fine and happens pretty often. Now what?

Later another doctor finds the problem in the "normal" lab tests, and comes up with a potential cause. You're put on medication, supplements, or other interventions that don't work. You're told to wait it out for a few months, and come back later. Sometimes, you even feel worse, and you're afraid of telling your doctor, for fear of being told that it's all in your head and you "should" be feeling better because your lab tests are getting better.

At this point, you're extremely frustrated and almost resigned to a fate of feeling unwell for the rest of your life. You're at the end of your rope, emotionally and physically. It's starting to bleed into other areas of your life, including family and work. You're ashamed of not being able to do the things you used to be able to do. Maybe the medication works for everyone else and just not you. Maybe there's something wrong with you and you will just never get better.

You're holding on as much as you can, for any sliver of hope that things can get better, but mostly you've just changed your lifestyle to accommodate for your condition. You stop doing the things you used to like doing, and stop getting promoted at work. One day, your supervisor pulls you aside and you have the "talk". You're let go, and have no other recourse.

For most, the downward spiral continues on and on until it gets to this last stage. But for some/us, we keep on persisting until we find the answer. We never give up. This book is written for those who are frustrated with the healthcare system but are not going to give up the fight to recover their bodies and lives.
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